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Adult Classes

Adult classes are sold as 6-packs that can be used at any time. Oil painting students are recommended to purchase the oil painting set


Mix it Up!

Oil, acrylic, and collage are taught in this mix it up class. Combine textures, pouring mediums, glass beads, pumice stone and create a unique work of art.
Tuesday 7PM

“Learning to paint at 7 Fine Arts is a wonderful experience. I find the studio to be warm and inviting. Sheri is talented, kind and most of all, patient! I was concerned with scheduling because of work, but find the class availability and location perfect. I look forward to my classes and strongly recommend individuals of all ages attend 7 Fine Arts for their artistic endeavors.”

Sach R.

Oil Painting

Old master oil painting techniques are taught in this class. We welcome beginners and past students and encourage individuality.
Wednesday 7PM

Adult Daytime Painting

Old master oil painting techniques are taught in this class. We welcome beginners & past students and encourage individuality.
Adult Daytime Classes Mon or Fri 12-1:30

“Sheri is an incredible teacher, each class you work on your painting is so rewarding. I stumbled into the studio when it was first opening up, met Sheri, and had to sign up. Her techniques and constant assurance that no mistake is permanent are very comforting and make the class that much better. I haven’t painted before, but now I am working on my second painting with her and can’t wait to see how it ends up.”

Emma G.

“Sheri is an amazing teacher. I took private classes from Sheri for almost two years in the Old Masters’ painting style. She helped me make great progress in two years and now I am exhibiting and selling my work at the ArtExpo New York and United Nations. My 9 year old also has been taking classes from Sheri and she  made great progress where she has started with Expore the Arts and advanced to oil painting. Sheri is a loving, caring person and an amazing teacher for adults and kids alike. Sheri is also a great role model for kids. Through art she teaches kids empathy, compassion, patience, focus and attention to detail.”


Event Space

From corporate events and office sharing, baby showers to engagement parties, the unique space at 7 Fine Arts is tailored to create an event to remember.