Winter/Spring 2019 art classes Age 9+

Mon: 5-6:30 Oil Painting


Old master oil painting techniques are taught in this class. We welcome beginners and past students and encourage individuality. 

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Tues: 5-6:30 Oil Painting Level 2


Once students have completed their first painting we combine mediums and advance into new techniques. 

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Wed: 3:30-5:00 Creative Studio Works


Pre-curser to oil  beginning painters are welcome in this class. Students will learn color theory, value, brushstroke.

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Wed 5-6:30 Wednesday Ma' Dudes


 'Wednesday Ma Dudes" is an ongoing, fun filled class where all voices are heard, all levels are taught, and each student works at his or her own pace. 

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Thursday: Confidence and Creation in Art


Once students learn the techniques of the old masters the doors are opened to a whirlwind of creativity.  Students work in oil and advanced techniques.

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Friday: Oil Painting


Friday oil class by popular demand! New to oil or experienced, create your collection and build a portfolio of work. Students learn in a warm cozy studio setting for amazing results.

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