We've Moved! Now located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida



Previous Lectures and Performances:

  • Royal Caribbean
  • Celebrity Cruise Lines
  • Orient Lines
  • MGM Grand Las Vegas
  • Museum of TV and Radio Beverly Hills
  • TV:
  • Across the Hudson
  • Dorothy Dunne Lifestyle Show
  • Good Day New York
  • Pilot: In Her Shoes

Art Lecture Topics:

  • Why Does the Mona Lisa Smile?
  • The Secret Behind the Painting
  • Picasso- 26 Names You'll Never Forget
  • Kick Up Your Heels with Toulouse Lautrec
  • From Apprentice to Master, da Vinci

Social Awareness Lectures:

Especially geared towards parents and children, sample lectures:

  • How to Teach Your Child the Love of Art
  • Anti-Bullying as a Community
  • Did They Really Dress Like That? (Self awareness and esteem)
  • Creating Confidence Through Art