Oil Painting - Level 1-2


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Buy your class packs online and paint your masterpiece in Level 1-2 Oil Painting!

Level 1-2 Oil Painting is for students new to the school, and for intermediate students that enjoy sharing their knowledge about oil painting with others. In the non-competitive world of art we encourage students to work at their own pace and encourage each other, while gaining knowledge not only of art and technique, but also public speaking and self confidence.

One session from your class pack is good for one oil painting session in the studio.

This class pack also includes

  • Hands-on painting instructions from Sheri Alimonda
  • All brushes and canvas provided
  • Snacks and drinks

You can purchase your class pack sessions online for either 6 or 13 painting sessions (the painters dozen!)  All painters are required to have their own oil painters box supplies.   If you are a new student please include the required oil painters box add-on.