How to Get Students Choose Art Class

Teachers should always put in their plans for next year to get students to opt for art study. It can be A level or other different electives as in other countries. Several teachers have taken to social media to comment about the drastic drop in students who tend to master study art. As much as COVID 19 has contributed to the numbers drop, there should be an art study guide to make students executed, which should be top of the agenda.

The following are some of the tips to get students to opt for art students:

  • Encourage the students

As a teacher, you should start as early as possible to encourage your students to study art. You do not wait for the last minute when students select their subjects to carry forward. You should determine those students who have master study art and are creative and encourage them to pursue art study as they are capable. You should look for all excuses and be enthusiastic about what your department will offer for a student who opts for art students.

  • Reward students

There are numerous ways a teacher can reward students. It may involve writing positive comments on their assignments and choosing their work to display in your department, and even holding their work as a good example during class can make them opt for art students. Also, you should give them a proper art study guide for them to know what they are supposed to do, especially when handling assignments, and reward those who have a master study art guide well. You can even post your work on social media, and this will make them feel encouraged.

  • Ensure the projects you teach are exciting

Exciting projects, especially on how to study art, will make students opt for art study. Students will enjoy it because they will be free to interact and give contributions during the class. Also, you should ask your students about the aspects of the course you are teaching they have enjoyed to improve your course for future years. It will positively impact those students who will want to study art at a higher level.

  • Be an incredible teacher

Most students opt for art students’ study because they love the teacher. The teacher, therefore, should be enthusiastic about what they teach, and if they are not, they should ask themselves why study art. If you aren’t getting the required number of students, you should change your teaching style and professional relationships. You should look at what your colleagues who have a large number of students are doing.

  • Plan for an exciting trip for art students

It is a bonus for students who will opt for art study if you have an exciting trip. If your course is offering trips, then be sure that many students will opt for these courses. The trips may be day trips or even residential trips, which are more attractive to students. Let the students be always aware of these trips.


Studying arts can be exciting for those students who choose it. However, teachers have often experienced a low number of students in recent years. But all is not lost. The above article has focused on the various ways in which teachers get students to master study art.